Telegraph Article on Daymark Rum

Daymark featured in Sunday Telegraph

Daymark was featured in a weekend article on “The three best dark and spicy rums to pour this weekend” by Susy Atkins.

“It’s good to see the rise of British-made rums to sit alongside those from the Caribbean and Latin America. There will never be as many UK rums as there are now gins (rum is more difficult and costly to make and the process from scratch takes longer) but we are seeing more on the market than ever before, a real rum revival.

Daymark 1683, England
Triple-distilled from molasses in the UK, and with samphire, sea salt and English oak used in the distillation. There’s a sweet caramel aroma and complex flavour, with subtle saline and herbal dabs over a heart of raisins.”

Regional press picked up on this article and reshared it, including Western Morning News and Business Live.