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Distilling rum from scratch is a very tricky business, so tricky infact that there are very few distilleries in the UK to do so, even today. Rum is traditionally manufactured from either sugar cane or molasses. Neither is easy or indeed perhaps possible to be grown here in the UK. We use 100% molasses as a base for the rum, the only distillery we know of in the UK to do so, as opposed to sugar cane syrup. Even making rum with sugar cane syrup is no mean feat and we take our hats off to anyone that does. However, making rum with 100% molasses, the old fashioned way, is even more difficult. Temperature control is harder; lots more can go wrong; it costs more and the yield is much lower; not to mention how messy the process is! However, the extra cost and effort is worth it, as there really is no comparing a rum made with molasses to one made with sugar cane syrup. A molasses rum is richer, has a much more well rounded and fuller taste spectrum, and the esters(flavours) are unbeatable; the effect of triple distilling molasses in copper alembic stills produces gorgeous notes of raisins, cracked caramel, then depending on the ester profile, perhaps banana and banoffee pie, cracked caramel and of course a dark treacle finish,  heightened by smoothness that warms but never burns. Lovely rum is something else. Maturing in English oak barrels with medium toasting works really well.


English Spirit is the home of the world's widest variety of spirits and liqueurs distilled under one roof. The master distiller, Dr John Walters, has more experience at the stills than anyone else in the UK; which is why they have the skill to craft every one of our products entirely from scratch, in copper pot stills, in very small batches, to a quality standard not found anywhere else. The result is a range of spirits and liqueurs with layer after layer of delicious flavour, balanced with exceptional smoothness that only experience can provide.English Spirit has come a long way since being founded by Dr John Walters, a former biochemist, seven years ago. In that time, our operation has expanded from one still in a large shed to over twenty copper stills working around the clock in a 200 year old barn. In that time, Dr John has had plenty of time to not only perfect each of our products but also to expand our range considerably. Their record of setting trends started immediately. They were one of the first UK distilleries to produce their own vodka; the first to make a rum from scratch, and the only UK distillery to make sambuca. The apple brandy is also not to be missed, and the single malt spirit is a game changing experiment that any whisky lover has to sample. In addition to our spirits, we have produced a wide variety of liqueurs; English Toffee Vodka and fruit gin liqueurs are particularly popular.


Dr John has certainly had a busy seven years, inventing and concocting new and delighting spirits to suit all tastes. His vast experience as a biochemist combines with his passion for cooking and knack for matching flavours, to make him an uncontested expert in the field of distilling. Naturally, the result of all this is a range of spirits of such a precise quality and quintessential English provenance that never fails to surprise and delight connoisseurs all over the land.